Insanity and Me


My husband first introduced me to Insanity  two months ago.  I felt it was crazy at the beginning.  Here are these super fit people who look like they’ve never binged on doughnuts and pizza doing the exercises.

The first fifteen minutes alone of  attempting to catch up with Shaun Tee and his team made  me want to give up.  I wanted to just go to my room and lie down because my body was killing me.  I did a lousy attempt at keeping up because I was so out of breath- and that was just the warm up.   Seriously, I wanted to quit on the first day.  I couldn’t even last long enough  finish 30 lousy minutes of jumping, squatting, and doing suicide jumps.

Over the years,  I was  often too  busy with  work , kids and family commitments  to really focus on exercising.      I’ve been going to the gym from time to time and tried a lot of weight loss programs like Marie France or Vigen.  Unfortunately, the weight always came back as soon as I stopped the treatments. As I got older my metabolism slowed down and I noticed my pants tightening.

Come to  think of  it, it wasn’t because I was so busy that I didn’t want to exercise. I was LAZY.  I found every excuse not to exercise.  It was a chore and then I saw this picture.


Okay, so two months of my time on a day to day basis will make me look like this? No money spent on treatments.  Interesting. I tried the programs on and off for the last three months.  And you know what? I ‘m happy I actually survived.

I learned to do my  first real push-up. I find this amazing because I never even had enough strength to lift myself before.  I learned to do planks.  I couldn’t even do a decent plank on my first day because my core and my arms were too weak.   I learned the importance of form over speed .  I also had to learn how to breathe properly during exercises.   It’s important to  do  the workout correctly so you don’t injure yourself.

My husband has lost 8 lbs since he started.  He went one size down.   He’s never been happier and pushes himself to the limit.  I join him as much as I can.  I can’t push myself as much as he does but I try.  So far, I feel happier and less stressed since I started exercising. I don’t even bother to go to the gym anymore since I’m happier jumping around in our living room.


I amaze myself sometimes because I don’t even notice that the 1 hour is almost up.  My cardiovascular endurance has improved so much since I started.    Now,  I’m inspired to even push myself further even more.


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