Tips on Renewing Your Passport in Metro Manila

Renewing your passport is so easy now.  Ever since the Department of Foreign Affairs implemented online registration at for appointments and passing applications, it has made life easier for people like me. You can register online either by yourself or as a family. But if you are in a hurry to get your passport renewed like […]

Mc Donald’s Kiddie Crew 2013

For kids who live and breathe Mc Donald’s.  The Kiddie Crew 2013 program is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience “working” for Mc Donald’s. Registration forms (in the link below) must be filled up and submitted to the nearest Mc Donald’s branch in your area. Deadline is April 30, 2013.  Applicants are pre screened […]

Art, Painting, Comics Illustration, Digital Photography and Fashion Design Class for Kids in Metro Manila 2013

It’s hard to find a good teacher. It took me a number of years of searching before we decided to go with Teacher Crown and Teacher Avie of Young Artists’ Studio. It’s important that the kids do the artwork at their own pace and that the teachers make the effort your child’s skill. The first […]