Kichitora of Tokyo A Great Ramen Experience

Kichitora is one of Manila’s best kept secrets when it comes to ramen.   “Kichi” means  lucky  while “Tora” means tiger. Each character represents a symbol for the two families that collaborated to create Kichitora.   Imported from Japan, Kitchitora brings together winning recipes of three successful ramen chains in Tokyo: Kookai, Daijin, and Kohmen. Kichitora is […]

Yabu the House of Katsu

Yabu specializes in Katsu. It pioneered the katsu craze in the Philippines.  The word katsu is an abbreviation of the word “ katsuretsu” which means cutlet. It refers to a slice of meat that ‘s been breaded and deep fried.  The dish was introduced to Japan in the 19th century  during the Meiji period when […]

Cyma Greek Restaurant and our Family Favorites

Cyma’s been around for quite some time. They’ve weathered the appearance of  a copycat Greek themed restaurant.  I ‘ve tried both and I’d say, I ‘d still go for the original. My favorite is still Cyma’s signature Roka Salata which costs around Php 690 for a family size dish  and yes, big family that I […]

Best Restaurants in Baguio : Chocolate de Batirol

We ‘ve been visiting Chocolate de Batirol for the past few years .  We never grow tired of the quaint rustic ambiance. I often love coming here just to sit and enjoy warm native delicacies with the cool Baguio weather (24 degrees when we went this summer). We decided to order the Group of 4 […]