Homemade Greek Roast Chicken

My kids love Greek food.  One of their favorites is a dish in Cyma called Kotopoulos Lemonato, a kind of greek chicken adobo. I experimented on the flavors and came out with this dish.  I like that it’s simple and gluten free at the same time. Recipe: 1 kg whole chicken 8 small potatoes, boiled […]


Did you know that raw unfiltered apple cider has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties? As far as 400 B.C.  Hippocrates the father of modern medicine knew about apple cider vinegar’s antibiotic properties and  recommended it to his patients for its’ healing properties.  I tried gargling  with a mixture of  apple cider and mineral water today […]

Homemade Chicken Nuggets #1 : Gluten Free Cassein Free Version

My kids like McDonald’s chicken nuggets a lot.  I don’t really let them eat them often because they’re processed and chock-full of chemicals.  This shares with you our homemade version of chicken nuggets. Ingredients: 2 organic chicken breasts, chopped finely 1/4 cup pork backfat 1/2 tsp Hain organic salt 1/2 tsp Mc Cormick oregano 1/2tsp […]

Gluten Free Crispy Thai Fried Chicken Recipe

1 kg chicken drumsticks 6 cloves of chopped garlic cilantro roots, chopped from a small bundle of wansuy or cilantro 1 teaspoon rock salt 3 T Thai oyster sauce (use gluten free) 2T Thai fish sauce (use gluten free) 1/2 tsp pepper Oil Mix all ingredients together and marinate for 1 to 2 hours. Flour […]

Natural Cough Remedy #2: Homemade Salt Solution

Colds and cough can be irritating.  One of the best ways to help reduce common symptoms of a cold is to gargle with salt water.   I often gargle with salt solution whenever my throat feels irritated. According to Dr. Philip Hagen editor in chief of MAYO CLINIC Book for Home Remedies, “ a saline solution […]

Natural Cough Remedy #1 : Homemade Ginger Tea and Honey

Drinking homemade ginger tea with honey can help alleviate symptoms of congestion which is a symptom of the common cold.  It can also relieve the feeling of an itchy throat. What many of us don’t know is that ginger can actual help boost your immune system, it can also keep you warm during a cold […]

The Juice Experiment #4: Watermelon and Green Apple Juice

Watermelons are a childhood favourite of mine.  I tried mixing watermelons and green apples today to balance out the sweetness . Ripe watermelons are a wonderful source of lycopene. The lycopene levels  of watermelons store well even up to 7 days  in well refrigerated conditions.   Lycopene is a well known oxidant  with the ability to […]