The Juice Experiment #3 : Cantaloupe or Melon and Apple Juice


Decided to try mixing cantaloupes or melons with Fuji apples today.   Cantaloupes- I learned were far richer in betacarotenes than oranges were.  The betacarotene level of cantaloupes are 30 x times more than that of oranges.

Cantaloupes are rich in vitamin C, A (carotenoids) , potassium, folate, vitamin b6, vitamin b3, b1 and magnesium.  They contain a wide variety of  antioxidant and anti-inflammatory  phytonutrients.

Fuji apples contain 5 mg of vitamin C for every 100g.  An average 125 g apple can actually provide 25% of your body’s daily requirement for Vitamin C.

As my youngest son was nursing a cold and the doctor specifically had orders to stay away from citrus fruits, we decided to give him cantaloupe or melon mixed with  apple juice today for an added dose of vitamins.

Cantaloupe or melon with Fuji apple juice:

1 melon

3 apples

Juice together.

The resulting juice was a little on the sweet side due to the natural sweetness of the melons.  My kids liked this a lot though.

Recommendations: Ripe melons should be chilled.  Wash melons and apples carefully prior to cutting.  Cantaloupes or Melons are prone to molds.  I often remove the skin of the apples as well.

Happy juicing everyone!


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