The Juice Experiment #1 Pomelo and Green Mandarin or Ponkan Orange


I went downtown today on a fruit buying binge and came across sweet pomelos and green ponkan oranges.

The Pomelo is a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia.  In the Philippines, the most famous pomelos comes from Davao.  Pomelos come in various sizes, the best way to tell if the pomelo is sweet is to check out the rind of the fruit.  Davao pomelos usually have thinner rinds and taste like a  sweet mild grapefruit.

They are great to snack on because they contain a lot of fiber, and have 0% fat.  They contain around 41 mg of vitamin C per 100g.


Green ponkan or green mandarin oranges are imported usually from Taiwan.  They have around 0.1 % of fat.  They are rich in vitamin C, B1, A and folate.  To get the most out of your ponkan, avoid exposing the orange to heat as this destroys the vitamin C.

I was happy to find out that green ponkan is juicier than the typical oranges I buy for my kids.  I was actually able to get 5 kilos of ponkan at around Php 50.00 per kilo.  A good buy compared to the oranges being sold around the Manila area for around 5 for 100 php.

According to the vendor who sold me the oranges, green ponkans are great for juicing .   They can stay as long as two weeks in the refrigerator and still come out juicy.



1 Pomelo

3 green ponkan oranges

Juice  pomelo and green ponkan oranges together.  Serve immediately within 30 minutes of juicing to retain freshness.

* You can chill the green ponkan oranges in the refrigerator prior to juicing.

Verdict: Delicious.


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