Best Juices for Kids in Metro Manila

Here’s a list of ” healthy” juices that made the cut for our family.  These are the juices we chose because they  were 100% juice with no added sugar or preservatives.   These were the brands found in either   Unimart  or Landmark.


Apple and Eve

Apple and Eve is made in the USA.  They are GLUTEN FREE.  Fruitables Tropical Orange  is a favourite of mine because the juice only has 30 calories per serving.  It’s a fun way of getting  (1/2 a cup)  ¾ serving of fruits and ¼ serving of vegetables into your kid.  It has sweet potato, apple, jujube fruit, orange, carrot, pear, pineapple, passionfruit, butternut squash and tomato juice apart from Vitamin C, A and E. and betacartone.   It claims to have 1/3 less sugar compared to other  juices.  At around 27 php per pack, it’s expensive, but still better value than the other brands that I’ve seen on the shelves . Their apple juice is made from concentrate and Vitamin C with no sugar added. Each serving contains 90 calories.


The Strawberry Kiwi is made from 100% pure juice and is fortified with calcium and Vitamin C.  Each serving contains around a 100 calories.



Ceres Fruit Juices originate from South Africa.  I like how simple their ingredients listing for their juices are .  Their Apple and Secrets of the Valley Juice (which is a mix of apple, cherry, pear , blackcurrant and vitamin C).


Red grape and orange juice are also 100% juice blend.  What I like about Ceres is that it’s a good source of vitamin C with no sugar added  and  no preservatives.  I was only actually able to buy these juices at Landmark.  I consider their price PHp 22.60 per pack as value for money.



Cyprina juices is a product of Cyprus. I particularly liked the taste of this orange juice. It’s non fattening at 46 calories per serving.  It’s made from concentrated orange juice. I was able to find this at Unimart and it’s PHp24.25 per pack.



Dimes is a Turkish brand.  I’ve been looking for this brand for a while and was glad to have found it in Landmark.  What I like about Dimes is that their apple juice is 100% concentrate with water and no added sugars.  It’s affordable at PHp 16.50 a pack.


Marigold 100% Juice Carrot Mixed Fruits

Marigold is a Singaporean brand. I was able to see several varieties of the Marigold brand in Unimart, but this was the only flavour I decided to buy because it had no sugar added, no preservatives , no artificial coloring and it’s rich in vitamin C.  It doesn’t come cheap at Php 24.50


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