Kichitora of Tokyo A Great Ramen Experience


Kichitora is one of Manila’s best kept secrets when it comes to ramen.   “Kichi” means  lucky  while “Tora” means tiger. Each character represents a symbol for the two families that collaborated to create Kichitora.   Imported from Japan, Kitchitora brings together winning recipes of three successful ramen chains in Tokyo: Kookai, Daijin, and Kohmen.

August 2013 018

Kichitora is known for it’s healthy chicken soup which are slow simmered to perfection.


Going through the menu, I noticed that Kichitora offers a limited variety of ramen and rice bowl meals along with gyoza and karaage.

August 2013 015

I decided to order the Paitan Ramen  Zenbu no Se is a special variation of the Paitan Ramen.  Topped with dried seaweed, ajitsuke, tamago. Fried garlic oil and a flavourful broth.  The ramen soup cost Php 420 for a bowl.

August 2013 011

My husband decided to order the Hokkaido Miso Ramen which is a consistent best seller in the store. The soup is  a mix of Paitan and clear soup  blended with Hokkaido miso.  Topped with pork chasyu slice, minced pork, mixed vegetables, bamboo shoots, spring onions and fried garlic oil.  One order of this will set you back Php 395.

crab seafood

A favourite of mine which was not available that day is the Special Crab Seafood ramen. At 495, you get a crab cooked in seafood paitan broth topped with clams, shrimp, green vegetables  and green onions. A must try for seafood lovers!

August 2013 013

Our  Taiwanese friend tried the Chasyu Rice Bowl which came in a small size which was just right for her.  The Chasyu Rice Bowl came with pork chasyu slice with a special sauce, bamboo shoots, spring onions, tamago, seaweed and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

The servers were attentive and our orders came out fast.  We were all too busy enjoying our food that we all finished eating in roughly 20 minutes.

Kichitora definitely lives up to its’ claim and we’re definitely going back for another round.

Kichitora of Tokyo

2nd Level, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall

Tel. No. 451-2218.

Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm

Friday to Saturday:  10am to10pm


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