Hungarian Goulash for Kids

Poland 2013 003

I wanted to cook something different today and decided on making a different twist on  Hungarian Goulash that my kids would like.

Typical Hungarian Goulash is usually strong tasting and on the spicy side.  As my kids have a low tolerance for spice, I decided to tone it down for dinner.

The ingredients used in this recipe are gluten free as well.


3 T olive oil

750g pork belly cubes

2 medium onions, chopped finely

1 clove garlic

2 T sweet paprika

2 large red or green grilled bellpeppers

325g can of tomato puree

3 T tomato paste

2 cups soup stock

2 dried bay or laurel leaves

Remove the skin from the grilled bellpeppers and chopped into 1 inch cubes.

Heat oil in skillet. Add pork cubes. Brown quickly and set aside browned pork cubes. Add onion to pan and saute until clear.

Add the garlic and the paprika. Saute until fragrant.  Add grilled bellpepers, tomato paste, tomato, soup stock and the laurel leaves.  Simmer until it boils. Reduce the heat.

Cover and simmer for 45 to an hour.



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