Get your Vitamin C Fix for the Day with Pineapples and Oranges

Sometimes, I can’t stand eating fresh pineapples. The fresh pineapples leave a funny prickly taste in the mouth.  I later found out that this was due to an enzyme called  bromelain  reacting with one’s tongue. Over the years, I  found that dipping pineapples  in a little cold water mixed with a small amount of rock […]

Cyma Greek Restaurant and our Family Favorites

Cyma’s been around for quite some time. They’ve weathered the appearance of  a copycat Greek themed restaurant.  I ‘ve tried both and I’d say, I ‘d still go for the original. My favorite is still Cyma’s signature Roka Salata which costs around Php 690 for a family size dish  and yes, big family that I […]

An Ode to Chicken Joy

This is written by my 10 year old son who spent this summer writing essays on various topics. My favorite food is chickenjoy, because I like the smell and the taste of it.  And it gives me so much energy.  But is has only a few grams of protein, but they come from other restaurants […]

Best Way to Enjoy Apples

Cool, crisp and juicy. This is how I describe this apple snack.  Probably the simplest snack I’ve had after doing a round of Insanity in my living room. For some reason, eating apples peeled and chilled with tons of ice on top felt so  refreshing. I don’t normally like eating apples, but the temperature really […]