Best Restaurants in Baguio: O’ Mai Khan

2013 april pictures 144

O Mai Khan is known for it’s Mongolian BBQ buffet and it’s delicious tasting family style dishes.

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The buffet is impressive and at Php 220 per adult, it is affordable with over a thousand concoctions possible.  Usually available from 11 to 2 pm and 6 to 9 pm.

2013 april pictures 143

O Mai Khan’s interiors are clean, spacious and cozy.

2013 april pictures 136

We ordered the Barbarian which is crispy pata or pork knuckles with garlic.  It’s served with pickled cucumber on the side.  We got the XL portion at Php 420.  Really delicious !  It’s fried but the meat inside is juicy. My kids loved this particular dish.

2013 april pictures 132

We also ordered the Conqueror at php 260  which is grilled pork spareribs marinated overnight.  This dish has bbq sauce with it. I ‘ll be ordering mushroom gravy next time.

2013 april pictures 130


Tempura dish at Php 240. Pretty affordable .

2013 april pictures 133


Kublai’s dream is  grilled butterfly porkchops topped with scrambled eggs and ham at Php 200 per dish.

Overall, I ‘d go back to this restaurant with my family again.  The food is affordable and the vegetables are fresh.


O’  Mai Khan

Upper Session Road, Rizal Park Baguio

Telephone : 044 – 4425885



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