Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico

2013 april pictures 068

I’m glad my friends and I decided to go there for dinner on a Friday night.  I was lucky that I was able to make a reservation since the place was full.

2013 april pictures 071

Guevarra’s is located along P. Guevarra St.   I was rather unsure of how to find it.   Coming from Little Baguio we travelled a long stretch of P Guevarra St. even crossing Wilson, past Cafe Ysabel  and just following where the road led us until we saw  Guevarra’s lighted sign on the right.

2013 april pictures 070

The place is impressive. The lot is big with area for parking.  The gardens look relaxing with the lighting and bamboo walls.

2013 april pictures 060

Guevarra’s has a homey old world ambiance complete with old  black and white pictures of gentlemen on the windows.

2013 april pictures 063

Guevarra’s dishes are mostly Filipino with a twist.  Dishes like pakbet bagnet, garlic crabs with salted egg, angus beef tapa , tuyo fried rice and beef kare kare.

2013 april pictures 062

This is the appetizer side of the buffet, they have raw oysters, salmon and tuna sashimi on the side as well.

2013 april pictures 061

This is my favorite part of the buffet area.  The lechon and the roast angus beef are all on this side. I liked the pizza, but didn’t care for the pork dumplings or the gindara.

2013 april pictures 064

This is what the table setting looks like.

2013 april pictures 059

My choices from the buffet table. Crabs, sashimi, paella and oysters.   Some dishes you’ll love and some are just okay.  Dessert was nothing spectacular, although the latik fountain was interesting.

2013 april pictures 036

If you love a Filipino food spread , then Guevarra’s is the place for you. The receipt above was good for 3 people.  I feel that eating there is worth it because you have a lot of choices for Php 658.9 per head (that’s dinner) and the ambiance is a lot better than what you ‘d get in mall based restaurants that are generally cramped and overflowing with people.

Buffet Rates are as follows

Mon to Friday Weekday lunch : Php. 399++
Mon to Thursday Weekday dinner : Php. 499++
Friday to Sunday Weekends : Php. 599++




387 P. Guevarra St. cor Argonne St.

Please make sure to reserve ahead.



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