Things to Do for Kids in Baguio : Strawberry Picking at La Trinidad Valley Strawberry Farms


La Trinidad Valley is around 30 minutes away from Baguio.  It is an experience that is not to be missed.  March to May is the best season for strawberry picking.  You can buy strawberries for as low as Php 120 to Php 150 a kilo at the marketplace outside the farm.


In the farm, they charge you Php 300 to Php 350 (double the price of the strawberries sold outside of it).  In December, the charge goes as high as Php 400 to  500 per kilo.


They also sell other kinds of produce at the marketplace. These are mostly lettuce and broccoli other strawberry by products.


My kids enjoyed the 5 minute trek to the farm.  We had a guide who showed us the way.  They gave the kids mini baskets as soon as they reached the strawberry patch.  I would not recommend bringing children younger than 5 years old here as the paths are narrow and uneven and not exactly safe.

The fields are bordered with irrigated water running through man made ditches.  The ditches are around 18 inches wide and almost 2 ft deep.  My son found out the hard way when his foot slipped and his left leg landed partly in the ditch.  I was able to grab his hand so he didn’t take a bath in the ditch.

He got cleaned up after a while. We had to improvise by replacing his wet sock with a plastic bag.    There was nothing I could do about his soaked and stinky Skechers.


The kids were all excited about strawberry picking and all.  The fields are beautiful with rows and rows of greens. You do need to be careful while walking and really watch where you’re going.  We had a young cousin slip and fall into a different ditch.  Luckily she was in short pants, so her clothes were okay.  She had sandals on and Yaya had to go wash her foot and her sandals to get rid of the mud.

Everyone was happy except for the kids who fell into ditches.  They were scared of taking the  5 minute trek back to the car.  We ended up with more than 3 kilos of freshly picked strawberries.  It’s expensive but worth the experience.

When we got to our hotel,  the kids had to change their clothes and take a bath.  We sorted out the strawberries.  Strawberry picking is not as easy as it seems.  Out of 3 kilos we carefully chose, 1 kilo had to be set aside for damage.

We soaked the strawberries in rock salt and water and changed the water several times.  The strawberries  tasted as good as they looked.

Suggested tip: If you’re bringing down strawberries from Baguio to Manila, please don’t leave your strawberries in the car.  The heat tends to spoil them. Please bring them down with you when you go for lunch on the way home.

Don’t forget to ask for a cardboard box to put your strawberries in.


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