Labor Day Blue Crab Omelettes Recipe

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My good friend Mommy J brought us freshly caught blue crabs or “alimasag” in Filipino  all the way from Samar.   She  bought  the crabs from the fishermen as they unload them from the docks.

I love it that my friend had them  precooked  and carefully packed in ziplock bags to be sent to Manila.

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If there is one thing we love it’s crabs and it is hard to get good blue crabs in Manila.   I was so excited  that we picked the crabs clean that afternoon and saved all the meat for  a tasty  crab omelet or “torta” dinner

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Blue Crab Omelette  

1 onion, diced

2 tomatoes, diced

Flaked crabmeat from 3 blue crabs or “alimasag”

4 whole eggs, beaten


salt and pepper to taste


Heat oil.  Saute onions and tomatoes.  Add flaked crabmeat.  Add the beaten eggs, salt and pepper.  Allow the eggs mixture to settle in pan.  Toss a little to make sure that the omelet is cooked well.  Turn off heat.


Note: This recipe is gluten free cassein free.

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The omelet tasted so good since the crabs were fresh.  My kids like them.  My husband who happens to be allergic to crabs, loved them so much that   he ate almost half of the omelet.    The only reason why he left some over was to let his dad try the omelet.  🙂

Thanks Mommy J ! We really had a great dinner.


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