Best Organic Antibiotic Free Nitrate Free Hotdogs and Bacon

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Applegate Farms wins my vote for having the healthiest hotdogs and bacon. They also happen to be gluten free and cassein free.

This is the closest thing that my kids get to ” normal hotdogs” or processed foods, since we don’t let the kids eat corned beef or those ubiquitous bright red hotdogs (with enough food coloring to color your intestines a silly fire engine red).


My kids like eating this hotdog, it also comes in turkey and beef. It’s a little salty, so usually we try to wash it a little to reduce the saltiness.


This sunday bacon is also on my son’s list of favorites.

This is Applegate Farms’ assurance on their products:

* Our animals are never given antibiotics. Healthy animals don’t need medicine. Instead, we give them space, fresh air, and a healthy diet, which we’re certain beats the alternative.
* Our livestock eat a…

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