Best Donuts in Metro Manila

My kids love doughnuts. Once every two months we have “Donut Night”, where my kids enjoy sugar glazed donuts and my husband has his fill of brewed coffee.


Mister Donut Cafe

The original chewy Pon de Ring Donuts from Japan are finally here.  Yes, they are rightfully soft and chewy.  I can’t get enough of them. My daughter loves them.


They are her 2nd most favourite donut now.  Pon de Ring donuts are wonderful because they still taste good even after day. Mister Donut Cafe is at Greenhills Shopping Center

J. Co

The lines are unbelievable at J. Co and they are always out of stock. Our family loves their Al Capone donuts the most.  They’re soft with the delicious texture of almond slivers.



My 2nd son says J. Co is his 2nd most favourite donut.  You’ll have to consume the donuts within the day though, J. Co donuts don’t keep well after a day.

J. Co Megamall Grd Flr Atrium Bldg A.



Krispy Kreme

My kids most favourite donut place by unanimous vote.  Sugar glazed is their most favourite flavour.  We order 1 dozen on average each time we visit.


I also noticed that you get 2 additional free donuts if you buy takeout instead of dining in.

Krispy Kreme located at Greenhills Shopping Center.


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