An Argument on Where to Eat

I couldn’t help but recall a small argument with my kids on where to eat in Greenhills.

Me: Kids where do you want to eat?

M3 : Chili’s

M2: Alex III

M1: Choi Garden

Me: M1, you need a reservation to eat at Choi Garden. We need to go to 1 place only. So you guys have to choose…

M3: Chili’s Chili’s!

Me: What’s in Chili’s M3?
M3: Did you know that’s there’s a TV there Mom? They always have cartoons. (Okay we are so definitely not going there).

M1: Savory. Good news Mommy. Did you know that they ‘ve been here since 1950?

Me: Really?

M2 (in exasperation): Jollibee na lang nga at least they’re open 24 hours (that is definitely not my idea of nutrition)

M1: I know. I know. I have a bright idea. Mommy. Why don’t we each go to the restaurants that we want to eat. M3 you go to Chili’s. M2 you go to Alex III and I will go to Savory.

Me: Hahaha. Nice try. It ‘s either we eat at one place or it’s home for all of you.

Now that finally got them to agree on eating at one place. That’s we ended up at Classic Savory Theatre Mall.


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