A Vegetable Day Off


” Mommy, I will only eat vegetables on January 7″.

Okay so Mom waits from December 2012 until January 7 2013 for her son M1 to start eating veggies. When M1 does start eating vegetables, he ‘s picky . He tries but there’s a lot of crying involved.

After a week of eating veggies, he asks for a vegetable day off on Sundays. He’s had two Sunday day offs already. And would loudly protest if asked to eat vegetables on a Sunday, saying ” It’s my day off” .

Mom recently put a stop to it by saying, well, “if you get a day off for veggies on Sundays then it’s only fair that you stop using yaya’s cellphone to play during breaks- since we have a no gadgets (TV, IPAD) rule on schooldays”.

Since Mom put it so logically, there’ve been no more day offs so far.


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