A 4 year old’s writing challenge


I went into the kids’ room a while ago to find my 4 year old M3 crying over a writing assignment.

Me: M3 why are you crying?

M3: I cry when I face challenges.

Me: Huh what challenges ?

M3: This one. My writing challenge.

Me: Oh. So why are you so sad?

M3: Because I am not good at it.

Me: M3, we all start that way, you don’t get any better at doing anything if you don’t practice.

M3: But I want my teacher to put an Excellent stamp on my work.

Me: She will. If you do your best and practice on getting better.

I am so glad I was able to give her a pep talk today because she was able to submit a better work than what she ordinarily submits to school.


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