Smoper Chicken another Korean Chicken Fastfood Restaurant

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I discovered Smoper Chicken after buying several coupons from the Deal Grocer site.  As my husband and I love eating crispy Korean chicken, we felt this was worth trying.


We went there on a Monday night.  There were several tables filled and some people were just waiting for takeout.  My kids were excited about the prospect of eating here.


The store is generally clean. Tables and seating are meant for fast food dining.    There is a Korean lady that minds the place, but she doesn’t really smile at customers.

The lady at the counter was generally helpful, they would clarify your orders several times to make sure they got it right.   We ordered rice, 18 pieces of chickens in two batches and Samgak Kimbap (which is tuna or Chicken Rice Triangle similar to Japanese Onigiri).


The Samgak Kimbap chicken mango rice triangle was the first to arrive.  It looks very much like onigiri. I was excited to open it, but the taste was   disappointing . The mangoes were too soggy inside .  The tuna triangle with kimchi tasted much better.  You have an option to order  Samgak Kimbap fresh or fried.  When it is fried, it comes with a special sauce.  As we were all on a “diet”, we decided to go for fresh instead.


Chicken takes around 15 to 20 minutes to cook.  You have choice of sauce from original, spicy, soy garlic and curry.  We decided to try both original and soy garlic.

I’m sold on the crunchiness of the skin and the softness of the meat.  I also liked the softness of the rice.  The rice  happens to be Dona Maria Jasponica rice  ( I saw the delivery guy lug in 2 big sacks for rice).

The fried chicken was served last.  The drumsticks were small but really tasty.  The thighs were a lot larger than the drumsticks we initially ordered. We liked the soy garlic flavor best.  After sharing the 17 pieces among 3 adults and 3 children, I’m amazed at the amount of calories we consumed.

My kids’ initial reaction to the chicken was “Yummy!”  , “Where’s the sauce?”, “what’s Korean chicken?”.


I was surprised that I had one chicken left in the basket which M1 reserved for himself.  We took the chicken home to eat the next day.  When we reheated it,  the skin  lost it’s crunchiness and tasted like stale oil.

Recommendation : Smoper chicken is best eaten freshly cooked.

My kids are looking forward to their next visit.


Smoper Chicken

One Mc Kinley Place Podium

26th Street cornder 4th Avenue

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Orders for pick up 8463424



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