2013 Friday’s Kid in Stripes Summer Workshops


There are a lot of ways to keep your children active and productive during the long and hot days ahead. If they have tried the usual dancing , singing or martial arts lessons, there’s a unique way for them to enjoy this much-awaited break from school work.

They can join T.G.I. Friday’s “Kids In Stripes,” summer workshop that allows kids from 5 to 10 years to learn the value of work and customer service while “hitting the floor” in a fun and happy environment.

The program will run simultaneously in all T.GI.Friday’s branches for four days per session/group beginning April 12 until May 27, 2010. The P1,200 fee covers training and workshop, a Friday’s t-shirt and daily kiddie meals.

Each group of kids will spend four days (Mondays to Thursdays) of service training, customer relations and other skills from Friday’s servers. They will also be given a tour of the restaurant, the chance to see a bartending show and join the daily sales rally. They will likewise be trained on how to serve food to customers, do an actual table set-up and prepare a kiddie drink or a dessert.

What will add tons of fun to the workshop is that kids will be taught to decorate their own Friday’s hats to make them festive and unique! They can even join the traditional singing of the song to guests celebrating their birthday at Friday’s. On the fourth day, there will be awarding and recognition rites for all participants.
T.G.I.Friday’s “Kids in Stripes” is a cool way to keep your child occupied. And it is more than your usual summer pursuit; it teaches kids the value of work, responsibility, service and interpersonal skills while having fun.

The summer workshop will be held on these dates: April 12-15, April 19-22, April 26-29, May 3-6, May 10-13, May 17-20, and May 24-27. For inquiries, you may drop by the T.G.I.Friday’s branch nearest you and ask the manager on duty about “Kids In Stripes”.


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