An 8 year old’s thoughts on Greenhouses

Conversation with my 8 year old M2:

M2: Dad, what’s a greenhouse?

Dad: A greenhouse is a house made of glass. You need in order to grow plants and make sure they are protected.

M2: Oh

Me: You know, if we had a lot of space, I’d love having a greenhouse.  It means I can grow tomatoes and other vegetables all year round and not worry about the rain and all the insects.

M2: Mom, I can build you a greenhouse.

Me (wondering if he misunderstood me) : Huh ? It’s not that easy to build a greenhouse.

M2: Yes, it is. I can build you one in my world.

Me (now I am confused) : Your world?

M2: Yeah, in Minecraft. I can build you a greenhouse and even help you grow vegetables.

Me:  Ah thank you.  It’s so sweet of you, but I was thinking of real tomatoes and vegetables that we could eat 🙂


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