A 9 year old’s Thoughts on Death and Going to Heaven


My father died February 14, 2012 last year.  Sometimes I can’t help but recall conversations I’ve had with my children in coming to terms with his death.

M1: Mommy, how old was Gwakong (means maternal grandfather in Chinese)  when he died?

Me: He was 70.

M1: So how about Angkong ? (means paternal grandfather in Chinese)

Me: Oh he’s still alive. 

M1: So why isn’t he dead? Aren’t people only supposed to live until 70? Does this mean you will die at 70 too Mom?

Me: No . Not everyone dies at 70. Gwakong passed away because he had some sickness.

M1: How come people don’t die at the same age?

Me: Good question. We really don’t.  How long we live depends on how we take care of ourselves and how much healthy foods we ate.

M1: Oh…. So where do people go when they die?

Me: To Heaven


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