The Slow Eating Contest

After the start of what seems to be another long dinner last night …

M3: I have an idea Mom!
Me : Finish your food.
M3: Mom, let’s have a SLOW EATING CONTEST!
Me: Huh?
M3: Yeah, SLOW EATING CONTEST. This is how it goes… all of the people will sit down and eat, and the first one to finish eating will be the loser.
Me: Uh huh. You still have to finish your food. Look, I’m finished eating.
M3: Get it Mom?
Me: You mean, I get to be the loser ?
M3: (smiling) Uh huh.

This morning, Ama approaches M3 with a stern face.

Ama: M3, I heard you were not good at dinner last night.
M3 (hurt innocence) : I was GOOD.
Grandma (frowning): No.
M3 (proudly smiling): Ama, I was the winner of the SLOW EATING CONTEST yesterday. Mom was the loser !


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