The Fast Eating Contest


Before going to bed…

M3: Mom, I’m so happy today.
Me: Why?
M3: Because I changed my mind today. I don’t want to have a slow eating contest anymore.
Me: What do you want to do?
M3: I ‘m thinking I want a fast eating contest, but I’m not the winner today.
Me: What’s a fast eating contest?
M3: All the people sit down to eat and the fastest eater wins the contest.

My rules to win are :
1. Feed yourself. No yaya.
2. Keep on eating.
3. Concentrate on your food.
4. Don’t talk if your mouth is full.
5. Sit properly.
6. Don’t play slippers.
7. Always wash your hands before eating
8. Always weewee before eating.
9. Don’t play with your food.

The prize of the fastest eating contest is ICE CREAM!


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