Mc Donald’s Kiddie Crew 2013


For kids who live and breathe Mc Donald’s.  The Kiddie Crew 2013 program is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience “working” for Mc Donald’s.

Registration forms (in the link below) must be filled up and submitted to the nearest Mc Donald’s branch in your area. Deadline is April 30, 2013.  Applicants are pre screened and qualified participants will be contacted by a Mc Donald’s representative.

There will be two batches for Kiddie Crews that will be working any day between April 1 to May 30 2013. Each batch will be asked to go to the restaurant for 5 days and work only 2 hours a day.

The registration fee is Php 500 and inclusive of the ff: 


The kids will definitely learn and have fun!

Kids will surely learn a lot and have fun during the workshop, plus meet new friends over the summer.

Activities will be:

Values-formation Lecture

On-floor Restaurant Training

Song and Dance Sessions

Art Workshop (Burger Making and Color Your Own Apron)

Meals for the kids will also be served throughout the 5-day workshop:

Day of Workshop Meals
1 Spaghetti with Regular Iced Tea
2 Burger McDo with Regular Iced Tea
3 Cheeseburger with Regular Iced Tea
4 Burger McDo with Regular Iced Tea
5 1-pc Chicken McDo with Regular Iced Tea

Mc Donald’s aims to make the experience truly memorable!

To cap off the workshop, all restaurants will have their own graduations for the week’s batches, on the 5th day of the workshops.

There will also be a Grand Graduation for all McDo Kiddie Crew program participants at the end of summer.

Please visit the link below to download the McDonald’s Registration form.


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