Follow that Smell!

While looking for a place to have dinner along Causeway Bay area in Hong Kong, my daughter M3 got hungry and wanted us to hurry

up on choosing a restaurant.

After 30 minutes of walking and still not getting inside a restaurant (most of the restaurants were jampacked at around 7:30 in the

evening), she decided that it was time to take matters in her own hands.

M3: “Mom. Mom!” she said. ” Something smells yummy. ”

Me:” Uh huh” I reply and we all continue walking towards Time Square.

M3: “Mom! I SMELL FOOD!” She started pulling at my arm and made me stop to get my full attention.

Me: ” M3, we’re almost there. Just a little bit more walking.”

I think she must’ve been really hungry and thought that we didn’t know where to find a restaurant, because she pulled my arm again

and pointed authoritatively at the direction of a small streetfood stall



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